What if it breaks

by Timshel

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released October 2, 2012

All songs written, produced and recorded by Timshel at Midas Studios, Raippaluoto, Islet of Lily Studios, Stockholm, Bonson Studios, Piteå, Kloster Studios, Turku.
All songs mixed and co-produced by Johan Forsman Löwenström, Gothenburg
Except Halfway to anywhere (Disco i mitt hjärta remix) mixed by Axel Nordman & Petter Erikslund
All songs mastered by Svante Forsbäck at Chartmakers, Helsinki
All songs performed by Timshel except for
Vocals on It Will Be Around by Linn Sjöholm
Violins on It Will Be Around by Axel Nordman
Slide Guitars on It Will Be Around by Andreas Jacobson
Artwork by Geir Byrkjeland
Layout by Petronella Nordman

Timshel would like to thank Midas Studios and Anders Höglund, Johan Forsman Löwenström, Linn Sjöholm, Andreas Jacobson, Axel Nordman, Geir Byrkjeland, Petronella Nordman, Mathias Timmerbacka, Jesper Klein, Anders Englund, Martin Holm, Petter Näse, Unger & Martins, Unit 65, Svensk österbottniska samfundet, Svenska Kulturfonden, Nygréns Stiftelse, all of our friends and family and everybody listening to us!



all rights reserved


Timshel Finland

Timshel is an indie pop family from Vaasa in Finland. Bringing swinging indiepop, thoughtful lyrics, and honest energy to the scene, Timshel will make sure you have a good time without having to know any fancy dance moves other than the ones you were born with! ... more

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Track Name: What if it breaks
Close your eyes and deeply hold your breath
your voice cries out in seek of my trust
and I just throw myself into your fire
despite the fact my secrets might end up as smoke

My mind told me "run while you still can
you´re better off free, without an anchor on your back"
but I fell, I fell right through the glass
into your garden and I lay there thinking

What if it breaks, what if it takes
all of our pride, and leaves no place to hide
What if it goes, so we end up as foes
who are breaking hearts, like it´s one of the arts
Is it worth it all

The gasoline is stinging in my eyes
as I hear you lighting up your cigarette
now on my knees I don´t mean to beg
I just wish it would have gone differently

With those eyes I should have realized
what I was getting myself into
but I fell, I fell right through the glass
into your garden and I lay there thinking
Track Name: It will be around
Nobody told me that the sun would be so bright
that the hardest things in life are so easy to deny
that the pieces of the puzzle aint always gonna fit

Nobody told me to treasure every breath
that our vital organs, are the easiest to break
that our words of love so often are misunderstood

Time, will take us away
and nothing´s ever gonna bring us back
but our love, might stay for awhile
for as long as you will whisper my name
it´ll be around

Nobody told me that war would be our faith
that no matter how hard we try things will stay the same
that people will always think that they know what is best 
for you and I

Nobody told me that we would fall in love
that your lovely eyes would be the prettiest I´d seen
that our story would be able to tell itself